email support

We are Here to Save Time

We at ADA tech strive to work in close cooperation with your target customers and sales team. You and your sales team can pay heed more on converting qualified opportunities than spending time finding for opportunities to knock. 

How it Works

Accurately and promptly replying to the queries of the customers through live chat and email is now an integral part of the customer service process. Businesses often do not have the right resources, time, or the workforce to manage these modern modes of communication. As a result, many of them outsource email support and chat support to leading outsourcing service providers.

How we Help

  • We offer world-class chat and email support services.
  • We help businesses balance their workload and enable them to focus on their core business activities while their customers get to experience a superior customer support experience.

What we Offer

*Well-trained and experienced executives *Services available in multiple languages *Accurate and prompt reply to the queries *Cost-efficient services *Chat Support