Best Service, Right Time, Right People

We at ADA tech strive to work in close cooperation with your target customers and sales team. You and your sales team can pay heed more on converting qualified opportunities than spending time finding for opportunities to knock. 

Quick & Efficient

We facilitate you with prompt service of product information request. You can easily access and avail any information related to particular product or service from a reliable resource. These services enable you to establish a cordial relationship with your customers, which prove to be beneficial in the long term. Our team of experts offers an instant support to your customers on product information request at quite affordable rates

Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing product information services to a third party services provider is an ideal solution for organizations to maintain a steady flow of sales orders for its legacy as well as new products. A third party BPO company can help organizations pitch their entire line-up of products to prospects without any bias. Such service providers have proven history in helping organizations achieve more sign-ups and product sales across categories.


  • The advantage third party service providers bring to the table is that they do not distinguish between the old and the new.
  • They treat every product equally important for increased sales and work rigorously to achieve higher number of sales closures for each product. For every single inbound call that lands on a client helpline number,
  • ADA Tech agents provide them with necessary product information and how it can solve the customer problems.¬†